We take care of the environment and are committed to creating green products. For this reason, we have developed a two-component polyurethane resin system that is an alternative to the conventional MBOCA system. The latter process includes melting at 120°C, which creates gas that must be handled using a suitable suction system.

The INNOVATIVE aspect of the system we have developed consists in the fact that it is no longer necessary to melt MBOCA, since it is present in liquid form and in an extremely low percentage within non-toxic polyol:

Elimination of the risk arising out of the use of the powderly product

Benefits in terms of enviromental sustainability – not toxic emission of gas in atmosphere

Possibility of work with low temperature (40°C) with economic returns from energy saving

This system has been developed and built to work with a specific casting machine, that has a compact size and is easy to use, entirely developed and manufactured bu our company.

As well as this system, for the purpose of improving the level of safety of operators using the conventional MBOCA (or other catalyst) system, we use and sella new range of COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC PRE-POLYMERS, with a percentage of free TDI that is lower than 0.1%.

By virtue of our commitment to topics relating to environmental sustainability, as envisaged by the latest guidelines of the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), further to the inclusion of MBOCA in the Candidate List of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), we are developing and working on a new MBOCA-free resin system which is a further step towards total safety for operators.

The main targets of this project are:

  • Elimination of risks relating to the use of MBOCA;
  • Excellent performance of the system during molding to ensure the same excellent technical and mechanical properties;
  • Excellent final result and performance of the item manufactured using this resin.

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