The dynamic and motivated staff, along with the great experience acquired over the years, has allowed us to become a medium-scale company that develops its activities in three different production facilities.

Our main area of activity is Italy, but at V.M. Spa, we are particularly interested into expanding into foreign markets.

The main activities of our company include:

  • molding of ceramic punches resin and polyurethane rubber;
  • production and sale polyurethane rubber and special polymer compounds;
  • construction and sale of casting machines for elastomers;
  • sale of polyurethane resin for molding ceramic punches;
  • spraying application of wear-proof, corrosion-proof, water-proofing, chemical and dielectric product resistant elastomer spray coatings on any surface.

These activities have made V.M. a reliable presence in the ceramic industry district. We have consolidated our position both on a national and international level, thanks to the sales of polyurethane rubber and the marketing of complete equipment for punch molding.


Eli Vincenzi (also known as Cicci) with his partner Nello Montagnani in 1967, year in which V.M. was established as a workshop for engraving ceramic matrices.