In the field of casting polyurethane, we have been manufacturing and succesfully selling casting machines for polyurethane elastomers with two or more components since many years.

The pre-polymer is the main component and base of the elastomer; the second component is the catalyst that mixes with the former component to form polyurethane resin.

The modular construction of the system allows for construction of machines that are tailor-made in accordance to the customer’s requirements, hence reducing the initial investment.

In this manner, starting from a simple two-component machine (Pre-polymer A + catalyst), it is possible to obtain a three-component machine (Pre-polymer A + Pre-polymer B + catalyst) by adding a third tank or module. The software and mixing heads do not call for any modification since they have been built to support the addition of further modules.

The mixing head is a diaphragm head, especially designed for optimal regulation of pressure both during the material mixing stage and during casting.

The modules (tanks) are made of stainless steel with radial mixing blades, they are thermally insulated and oil-bath or electrically heated. Temperature of each component is controlled independently. The flow rate is adjustable and can reach 10 kg/min.  There is also a vacuum system, a system for filling tanks with the pre-polymers and a washing system for rinsing the dynamic mixing chamber. The operator interface consists of a touch screen panel that can be used to control and set up the machine by means of user-friendly software. The software also allows work data, such as recipes, weights, etc., to be saved and filed.

After analysing the needs of the customer, we can develop a complete machine and suggest the best solution, a process that we follow autonomously starting from the technical-economic offer up to final testing of the system.

But the real added value that characterises and distinguishes our company from other companies offering similar machinery is our KNOW-HOW and the after-sales CUSTOMER CARE we can offer.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of punch molding and to the fact that we use the materials and technologies that constitute the world of polyurethane, we can provide all the technical support and assistance concerning the production process to offer a 360° multitasking service.